About Jacki

Jackie Block

Hi my name is Jacki Block and I am running to be your representative on the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee for the 14th Senate district. I am a Tea Party Conservative Republican Candidate and a constitutionalist. I believe in fiscal responsibility, limited government, and protection of our individual freedom and liberty. Currently, the Clermont County Republican party and Ohio Citizens PAC have endorsed me for the May 6th primary election.

I have grown up here in Cincinnati and have developed a love for this city and the great state of Ohio. After high school I traveled to Pennsylvania where I attended Penn State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2004. I am currently employed in Blue Ash with Dermpath Diagnostics and starting my 8th year as a Histologist. On September 11, 2010 I became the wife of an Army Veteran, Jason Block, and we are currently expecting our first child. My husband and I enjoy traveling, hunting and recreational shooting, the outdoors, and fine wine. Over the past seven years together, we have developed a real concern for our state, country and our children’s future. Watching our party in Ohio becoming overly progressive, I have decided to step up and volunteer and work to have the Ohio Republican Party adopt the National Republican Party platform. My goal is to work to save the Ohio Republican Party not destroy it. I believe it can be saved if we have like-minded conservative Ohioans elected into the right positions within our state.

The role of a State Committee Member includes; establish the policies and bylaws that govern the operation of the party, adopt an annual budget, and endorse Republican candidates for legislative, statewide, and federal offices. This committee determines the candidates, by endorsements, we see on our ballots. That is a powerful role and one that is currently controlled by a large amount of progressive Republicans. Instead of endorsing the best candidates for Ohio, they continue to support the same candidates who do not represent our party’s platform or principals. I am working hard, as are others across the state, to get elected onto the committee so we can start a conservative coalition and make sure the true conservative candidates receive the support of the ORP.

Vote for me, Jacki Block, in the Primary on May 6th and help us save the Republican Party by restoring Republican values and principles before it is too late.